Social media has been buzzing with reports over the last few days that someone was shot by Akron police. Global news has been covering this Akron shooting in Ohio. If you’re interested in learning more about the shootings in Akron, Ohio, continue reading this article through to the end.

What Is Akron famous for?

Akron, Ohio’s fifth most populated city, is situated about 40 miles south of Cleveland on the western side of the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau and serves Summit County. 190,469 people call Akron home as of the 2020 Census, making it the 136th biggest city in the US. A total of 702,219 people live in the Akron metropolitan region, which includes Summit and Portage counties.

Founded in 1825 by Simon Perkins and Paul Williams near the Little Cuyahoga River, Akron emerged during the flourishing Ohio and Erie Canal era. The name “Akron” is derived from an Ancient Greek term signifying a peak or high point. In 1833, following Eliakim Crosby’s establishment of the adjoining North Akron Shooting, the area underwent a brief renaming to South Akron before the two merged officially as an incorporated municipality in 1836. Akron witnessed rapid urban expansion during the 1910s, with its population more than doubling, marking it as the fastest-growing city in the nation at that time.

Akron gained the nickname “Rubber Capital of the World” because of its long history of making rubber and tyres, which the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company continues to do today. It was originally known as a center for airship research. Gojo Industries, FirstEnergy, Huntington Bank, and Charter Spectrum are among its prominent companies. Its economy now consists of manufacturing, education, healthcare professionals, and biological research.

Jayland Walker was killed in an Akron police shooting.

At around 12:30 am on June 27, 2022, a law enforcement officer shot Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Akron, Ohio resident. The incident unfolded following a high-speed episode in residential areas, where Walker’s vehicle initially slowed down, resulting in a flawed traffic stop and subsequent car chase. During the pursuit, Walker fired his handgun at approaching police vehicles. When Walker turned and reached for his belt area, officers on foot discharged their firearms at him, firing over ninety times. The autopsy revealed that Walker sustained a minimum of 46 gunshot wounds.

Notably, Walker was fatally Akron shooting within his residence without the presence of a javelin. Subsequently, it was discovered that Walker’s vehicle contained a firearm, and police reported that a gun had been discharged earlier in the pursuit. A bullet casing consistent with the Glock pistol, purchased by Walker from an akron shooting gun store approximately a week before his death, was found near the location where police claimed a shot was fired at the southbound entry ramp to State Route 8 at Tallmadge Avenue. Despite the circumstances, a grand jury returned a “no bill” decision, opting not to prosecute the involved police officers.

Items discovered in Walker’s car

In Walker’s vehicle, law enforcement discovered a wedding band, a fully loaded magazine, and a handgun. Investigators assert locating a bullet casing near the reported site of Walker’s akron shooting.

Following a police-involved Akron shooting, Ohio, the eight officers who discharged their weapons initially were placed on standard paid administrative leave. These officers resumed their administrative duties on October 11, a decision attributed to Police Chief Steve Mylett’s response to a staffing shortage. The investigation into the Akron shooting incident in Akron, Ohio, was overseen by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The Family’s Reaction to the Grand Jury’s Decision

Akron shooting

According to Bobby DiCello, the Walker family’s legal counsel, a civil complaint will be prepared by Walker’s family against the Akron shooting and the cops closer to the year anniversary of Jayland Walker’s death. Protesters vandalized Highland Square restaurants Wally Waffle, Chipotle, and Irie Jamaican Kitchen on April 19.

Schools Will Be Closed

Akron schools will shut down due to a shooting, prompting the community to prepare for demonstrations. During a press conference on Monday, a member of the Walker family expressed support for peaceful protests in response to the grand jury’s findings.

The family emphasizes the desire for non-violent demonstrations and opposes any harm to individuals. The aim is to express dissent without causing harm or destruction to our city. In addition, Robert Dejournett, a Walker family member and local pastor, urged everyone to take necessary steps to voice their opinions effectively.

According to Akron Public Schools spokesperson Mark Williamson, all Akron Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday due to the grand jury’s decision.According to Mylett on Monday, Akron city authorities have set up a “demonstration zone” in front of the police station and outside City Hall in the city’s downtown for “peaceful, civil demonstrations.”

According to Mylett, the protest area would be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Mylett and Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan have both urged for peaceful demonstrations.

Officers in Ohio shot Walker 46 times.

According to Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler in July. Walker also had 46 grazing wounds. He had internal damage from bullet wounds, which resulted in blood loss. Kohler claims he was slaughtered.

According to Kohler, he received 15 bullet wounds to his chest, 17 to his pelvis and upper legs, one to his face, eight to his arms and right hand, and five to each of his knees, lower right leg, and right foot. He also allegedly authorized five bullet wounds.

The total number of entry wounds is 46. “There are 15 parting injuries, and five of the injuries that would be associated with the foyers are graze injuries,” Kohler stated at the time, describing his wounds as “devastating.”

The medical examiner discovered that five bullets had penetrated his back, but the circumstances of whether they were discharged while he was fleeing or merely propelling his body were unclear. Walker expressed sorrow over the injuries to his heart, lungs, and right iliac artery inflicted by the barrage of bullets. She stated her inability to confirm if a specific gunshot caused his death. A toxicological review indicated no signs of drug or alcohol abuse.

How Does The Akron Shooting Video Display Work?

Police released 13 Akron shooting recordings a week after the incident, including five from witnesses and eight from cops who were directly engaged in the police shooting in akron Ohio

The Akron Ohio shooting recordings were made public in compliance with a local policy requiring the publication of video evidence indicating the use of force by an active police officer within seven days of the occurrence.

Some of the shooting in akron ohio shooting cameras from the end of the chase show Walker halting the silver automobile he was driving before exiting the driver’s side.At least one officer says, “Let me see your hands,” and instructs him to halt. Walker is seen getting back into the car as the footage progresses. He is then seen departing the vehicle through the passenger side door and fleeing cops.

At least one cop is seen in one video telling Walker to show his hands again. The foot chase lasted a few seconds before a seven-second burst of gunshots.

Despite official assurances to the contrary, the videos do not show police officers attempting to offer medical help following the event in akron shooting, Ohio. Walker’s death was confirmed immediately.


The identities of the eight police officers involved in the Akron shooting have not been disclosed to the public. Following the incident, these officers were initially placed on paid administrative leave and later resumed administrative duties in October. The decision was made by Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett, who cited personnel constraints.

Acknowledging that this decision might cause unease for some, Mylett explained that, during the ongoing investigation, the officers would provide internal support in non-uniform roles instead of patrolling the neighborhood.


Who exactly is Jayland Walker?

Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old American from Akron, Ohio, was slain by Ohio police on June 27, 2022, at 12:30 a.m.

How many gunshots were discovered on Walker’s body?

Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler stated in July. Walker got 46 grazing wounds as well. Internal damage from bullet wounds resulted in blood loss. According to Kohler, he was murdered.

Did the grand jury sentence the officers?

The characters of the eight cops have not been revealed in public. Following the police shooting in Akron, Ohio They were on a paid administrative leave, but they returned to work in administrative abilities in October. Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett justified the move by citing personnel constraints.

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