70% of the success of a beautiful figure depends on nutrition and only 30% on training. According to statistics, most people lose 3-5% of their weight in the summer without making any effort. With the arrival of spring and the first rays of the sun, vitamin D deficiency is gradually restored, which has a very good effect on the emotional state of the body, as a result, the chance of overeating decreases. But if the warm weather does not please you yet and you are just preparing for warm days, then the lack of happiness hormones can be filled by having fun at home, spending time with friends, watching movies, or visiting https://vave.com/prematch

Well, when the hottest days of spring and summer come to you, your appetite may decrease. But nutrition is a very important element of your body’s health. The body must receive all the vitamins it needs. To spend the summer with maximum health benefits and a toned body, try to make a proper diet. Let’s figure out in this article how to make a proper diet according to only 5 rules.


On hot days, it comes quickly and imperceptibly. Try to limit, or even completely abandon drinks that contain sugar and caffeine, and drink more water enriched with minerals. Because along with sweat, the body loses a lot of them.

On normal days, it is worth drinking about 2 liters of water, on hot days it is worth drinking more water. However, remember that everybody is unique and if you do not want to drink so often during the day, then you should not force yourself. Just be more attentive to yourself and listen to the needs of your body. Water is the source of life. And especially on hot days, it is water that will help you stay in good shape.

More Liquid Food

Eat smoothies and cold soups. They do not require heat treatment, which preserves useful trace elements and vitamins. They contain a lot of water. They are rich in fiber and fiber, which improves intestinal motility. This is an ideal option for a snack in the hot season when appetite is reduced.

Don’t Forget About the Protein

In the warmer months, the appetite for meat and fish also disappears – and these, as everyone knows, are the best sources of essential, valuable proteins. To maintain muscle tone, consider incorporating protein shakes into your routine as a convenient protein source.

However, to choose the protein shake that suits you, it is worth consulting with a nutritionist or your sports coach. Also, if you exercise, even on hot summer days, then do not forget that it is a protein that allows you to build muscle mass and keep your body in shape. Legumes are also an excellent source of protein, you can add them to light green salads.

Don’t Eat Too Much on Berries and Fruits

Everything should be balanced in your diet. Berries and fruits contain a large amount of fructose, an excess of which, in the absence of proper loads, will affect your waistline.

However, it is not worth giving up fruits, berries, and other sweets completely, since glucose is also important for your mental activity and good mood.

Eat More Green Vegetables

Leafy greens pack a punch of vitamins and fiber, acting as a natural ‘broom’ in the body, effectively sweeping away toxins.


Unlock these straightforward 5 tips for sustaining your health and silhouette, guiding you to craft a balanced diet and relish the warmth of spring and summer to the fullest. We trust this article has proven beneficial to you. Keep in mind, it’s during warmer seasons that focusing on your diet becomes particularly crucial.